Use this list of common subjects to draw together Tea Break Teachings on themes that interest you.

abundance acceptance activity aliveness All That Is angel animals appreciation atom balance beauiful presence beautiful presence beauty becoming beginning being beingness belief birth blessing blessings body breath bridge cell cells change choice communion community connection consciousness core of light counselling create creation creativity creator crown dance deepest vision diaphragm difficulty discovery divine Divine Self Earth earth plane ease echo emotions enemy energy field entanglement etheric body evolution existence experience faith fear flight floating flow forgiveness freedom friend friendship fulfilment fun future garden gift gifts glory goodness grace gratitude growing growth guardian angel guides harmony harvest hate healing healing fear heart high brow high heart hope identity infinity initiation insight inspiration intuition joy kindness knowing knowingness laughter learning life light lightness loneliness love magnetising magnetism magnificence mind mini-meditations moment monster mystery nectar new now nurturing Oneness openness past path peace perfection plant plenty presence present purpose receiving relationship release renewal rest river of life sacred flame self-acceptance self-love service sharing song soul Source of All space spiral star start stillness sun temple third eye time transformation transmutation trust Universe water well-being wisdom wonder work world