You matter because you are here. You are present in this world and your presence makes a difference. You do not yet know who you are or what difference you make. You are used to identifying with your name, your characteristics, your behaviours, your achievements and the connections you make with others in this world. All of these matter, but they may matter less than you have been accustomed to think.

We suggest that it is, above all, your presence that matters. Your presence is, by its nature, of great beauty. You are a drop of the light of the Source of All that has entered this reality. This light of Source that is you changes the reality in which you find yourself. The light of your being shines upon this reality, which reflects back to you truths about yourself, truths that bring you the gift of growth. The light of your being is also absorbed by the reality in which you find yourself, and in absorbing your light this reality changes. It remembers the light from which it came and finds within itself the determination to express that light more freely and fully.

You are the conductor of an orchestra. The reality around you is the instruments of the orchestra. You inspire these instruments to sound their most beautiful notes, to discover harmonies with one another that express more deeply the essence of their being. Through this study of the orchestra at your disposal, in time you also become a composer.

The breath of God flows through you to express itself and you come to witness the beauty of your creation. You matter because God breathes life into the Universe through you.

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