The light of stars plays a profound role in the creation of matter. It has become a familiar idea that your bodies are made of stardust. Less familiar is the understanding that starlight continues to exert an influence on the ordering of matter in your world.

Within every atom is a memory of its own creation, an encoded set of instructions given it at the time it came into being. These instructions and memories are held in the relationship subatomic particles have with one another. There is a dance they conduct at quantum level that sustains these instructions and memories, and links them to a universal energy field, sometimes called the quantum field. This field is constantly updated by the beings whose bodies are the stars.

From time to time surges of energy build and move across this field to generate shifts in the understanding that atoms have of themselves; that is to say, the steps of the dance change. While the outer form and function remain, more of the light inherent in the atom is revealed. The atom, in receiving this fresh impetus born of the experience of many stars, recalls more of its origin and is empowered to reveal more of the light of the Source of All.

This is one reason why you have chosen to take on physical form. For you are an expression of the universal energy field and matter receives these messages of renewal through you. You are the medium through which matter receives the gift of freedom.

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