Your reality is changing. For reality is simply a description of your relationship with the All That Is, and that relationship is changing. It changes as light from the Source of All expands into your Universe. Simultaneously, in resonance with that expanding tide of light, the light of your divine self is moving outwards to become more fully present in your human self.

The effect of this emergent light is twofold. First, you experience yourself in new ways. Your sense of beingness is enhanced, for light is the medium through which your beingness first finds expression, and the increase of available light allows your beingness a fuller expression. Then, that light also encounters all that you have previously experienced as reality. It reveals to you possibilities concealed with the interacting frequency patterns that create and sustain the world of matter through time.

You are, from higher levels of your own being and increasingly with some degree of conscious awareness and in concert with innumerable beings of light, guiding the manifestation of this spiritual light in the world of form. All matter is conscious to some degree. Within all matter there is light. Just as the light of your divine self is resonating with the incoming tide of light from the Source of All, so the light that is within matter is moving into resonance with this same light. In consequence you find yourselves increasingly relating to the light within matter with its infinite potential, rather than the more fixed frequency patterns that give rise to the physical universe of matter and time.

This naturally progressing change of focus creates a new reality. Your focus upon the divine within all beings and all things brings you to new ways of being. As you connect more and more with the divine essence in all things, so you experience more fully the infinite possibilities that light offers rather than the particular, and inevitably more limited, forms derived from that light. As you become more conscious of how you generate reality as a description of your relationship with the Source of All so you become more able to interact consciously with the light gifted to you from the Source. You are able to use that light to create an experience of reality that is founded in and expressive of joy.

This process we are describing as ‘creating a city of light’. For in a city there is community, a recognition that your existence is not in isolation, but is shared by many and that the way that you choose to configure your light in each moment can enhance your life and the lives of those with whom you share. As more and more of you come together from many backgrounds and in many ways with that growing consciousness of your ability to create with light, so you may begin to experience a movement into a reality that is at once fluid and stable. The fluidity comes from your growing skill of interaction with the light. The stability comes from the timeless and eternal essence of your being, your divine self. The harmonious existence of these two states enables Divine Presence: a state where the substance of your reality finds freedom to recognise and express its own divinity and you find yourselves in the presence of the divine at all times.

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