About the Welcome Series

This series of recordings, each with two guided meditations or inner journeys, are designed to help you on your path of spiritual growth.  Whether you regard yourself as a beginner or as someone already well along your path, these meditations can take you into beautiful inner spaces and create profound shifts.  As you listen Sananda is transmitting frequencies specifically for you at your current stage of growth.

The series introduces many beings and states of consciousness that can assist you on your journey of enlightenment.  Even where these are familiar to you, you may find fresh insights and a deeper sense of connection developing for you as you use these meditations.

About Welcome to Whales

Join with a whale as you receive transmissions of love and wisdom, letting your heart centre merge with the whale’s. Discover what it feels like to live as a whale, connecting across the oceans with other whale beings and with the Earth itself.
Share consciousness with a whale as you journey through the cosmos, connecting with star souls and the galactic gridwork of light as you help the Earth to weave its path of light through space and time.

From Sananda’s Introduction

As you connect with the whales, through meditations like these and in other ways, there can be a blending of consciousness in which you discover new pathways for your own consciousness.  For the whales are great pathfinders.  In their outer life some of them travel the planet from pole to pole; inwardly their consciousness helps the Earth to create its path through the cosmos.  When you and the whales meet inwardly they help you to find a stillness and an expansiveness in which some of your deepest wishes may begin to be birthed into reality.

The recordings

Two inner journeys with Sananda channelled by Christopher, with music by Michael Hammer. Track 1: Ocean Journey. Track 2: Cosmic Journey

CD: One CD with a booklet of study notes in a jewel case.

Download: Two mp3 files with the notes as a pdf file in two formats for printing out (A4 or US Letter).

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