About the Welcome Series

This series of recordings, each with two guided meditations or inner journeys, are designed to help you on your path of spiritual growth.  Whether you regard yourself as a beginner or as someone already well along your path, these meditations can take you into beautiful inner spaces and create profound shifts.  As you listen Sananda is transmitting frequencies specifically for you at your current stage of growth.

The series introduces many beings and states of consciousness that can assist you on your journey of enlightenment.  Even where these are familiar to you, you may find fresh insights and a deeper sense of connection developing for you as you use these meditations.

About Welcome to Shamballa

There are many stories and myths about Shamballa: for instance, that it is hidden in a secret valley of the Himalayas or that it is a city floating above the Ghobi Desert. In these inner journeys Sananda, as he describes in his introduction, is using the name in a specific way, to describe a land existing at a higher vibrational level than our familiar outer world. This land acts as a template or blueprint for the cities of light that exist or will come to exist on Earth. It acts as a resource that you may tap into to access more of your inner light and to understand more of your role in the Divine Plan.

From Sananda’s Introduction

Think of Shamballa as a real place, but one that you visit by travelling inwards. Shamballa exists in a slightly different dimension to your own where it acts as an ideal or model for the reality you, as part of human consciousness, are seeking to manifest here on Earth. If, as you visit Shamballa, there is a sense of familiarity, that is because it is indeed familiar. Many of you visit Shamballa in the sleep state; all of you know Shamballa at higher levels of your own consciousness.

Shamballa holds many treasures for you in the form of light. Light has the capacity to store the infinite wisdom of the Source of All in forms that you can absorb in inner journeys such as these and then interpret and manifest in your own life. Through your lifetime you may choose to visit Shamballa many times, each time becoming more aware and conscious of this land and what it may offer to humanity.

As you embody the gifts you receive from Shamballa so you are naturally creating Heaven on Earth according to your own best understanding. In this way the separation between your outer world and Shamballa diminishes until ultimately there is no separation. You may meet many wise, loving and beautiful beings in Shamballa.

In these inner journeys we have focused especially on the Angels of Love, for one of the keys to the coming together of your world with Shamballa is self-love. By self-love we mean the capacity to accept and honour yourself as you are right now, to love yourself without judgement in the knowledge that you are always doing the best you can. Self-love means recognising yourself as life becoming more alive and nurturing that life and that growing. The Angels of Love come to assist you in all of this through the gifts of their love for you. 

The recordings

Two inner journeys with Sananda channelled by Christopher, with music by Michael Hammer. Track 1: Sunlight in Shamballa. Track 2: The Temple at the Heart of Shamballa.

CD: One CD with a booklet of study notes in a jewel case.

Download: Two mp3 files with the notes as a pdf file in two formats for printing out (A4 or US Letter).

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