Sitting on a cloud looking down on the life you are about to embark on, maybe it looks easy. Maybe it looks a breeze. But here now, living it, maybe sometimes it feels like you are under a cloud. What then? Well, clouds pass; we know that. But when you are waiting for the sun to come out again it can feel like the cloud has forgotten to move and is just going to sit there forever. Stuck with your own personal thundercloud, your very own deluge drenching you day and night.

Ok, let’s stay with the analogy. We know the Earth needs sun and rain. Maybe when the dark cloud is emptying itself on you, you can let go of defining it as bad. Maybe it is watering something in you, some deep planted seed that needs to make its way to the surface. And grow. And bear fruit.

What fruit is the child of a storm? It maybe peace. After the storm, peace. After the wind, stillness. After the rain, the sun. It always comes sooner or later. In those sunny times we harvest, in the dark times we sow. Maybe it’s that simple.

So when your blithe soul is sitting on a cloud smiling at the life before you, maybe it’s right. There are no setbacks. All is grist for your mill.

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