Walking with Angels

Introduction to Teachings from Arcturus

These courses are channelled from Sananda and with the light and love of many Arcturians, a community who have a special interest in helping us at this time of rapid spiritual evolution. Each course in this series offers a set of skills designed to help you know and use more fully your inner light and the unconditional love that is your essence.

An introduction from Sananda

Arcturus reaches out to you. It is a facilitator of change, using its light to open hearts to the dawn of a Universal Day that is bringing together many diverse beings across the Galaxy. You are living in a time of stillness as well as change, for this time is like that stillness that announces sunrise. Simultaneously you can find within yourself the stillness or inner peace when you know a time long awaited has arrived and the excitement of its anticipation.

The Arcturians offer their help in understanding these two states. They come to teach how inner peace and dynamic aliveness are one. They help you meet these states within yourself and introduce each to the other so that out of their marriage may come joy.

For the Arcturians are messengers of joy. They have come to identify with the light of their star, so that they may join with its soul in simultaneously looking through its eyes into the universe beyond, the Divine Universe from which it comes, and this Universe, the universe of manifest expression in all its variety and magnificence. In you they recognise the potential for sharing and living such a vision and come to help you realise it.


Arcturus is the fourth-brightest star in the sky. It is a star of great beauty. Within the Galaxy it has a special role to play, for its light has developed qualities that align with and support the processes of dynamic change our Galaxy is going through. Thus the Arcturians have undertaken a role as galactic healers, gathering up the light of Arcturus and forming it into lightships from which they focus frequencies or qualities of light that assist planets to evolve in alignment with Divine Will.

One of the key ways in which Arcturian light promotes healing is through appreciation; as the light shines so the beauty of what it reveals is made clearer. The gift of appreciation makes a space that may be grown into. Another of the ways in which the Arcturians use the light of their star to heal is by generating pathways of light across the Galaxy that unite congruent points, somewhat like contour lines on a map. These pathways of congruence are like spiritual trade routes, helping them import and export of qualities like oneness between star systems kept apart by inertial fields. This chosen role of appreciation and sharing promotes the release of illusion and triggers fields of bliss that expand rapidly outwards from every point within the field.

The Arcturians teach the skills of Oneness; they help us to find points of congruence within ourselves by shining the light of appreciation into our human consciousness. The points of congruence that are revealed are aspects of our own being that exist beyond the limitations of time and space and matter, and the bliss that they generate takes us into Universal Day, the state of consciousness shared by our sister/brother beings in the dimensions above our own. In this way the Arcturians are helping us to ascend, using many very subtle techniques of light to liberate us and to reflect back to us our own beauty of being.

A City of Light

Each of these courses also contributes to the creation of a city of light here on Earth. A city of light can be understood as a state of shared consciousness that we create when we express and share our inner light with the heightened awareness that comes as we grow spiritually. Each course simultaneously helps you build consciousness and gives you skills to use that new consciousness for your own joy and fulfilment, while also developing new ways of being in the world that we may call ‘living in a city of light’.

Introduction to Walking with Angels

Angels walk with us in our lives. This is a wonderful time not only to  become more aware of their presence but also to understand more of their nature and purpose in being with us. Arcturus may be thought of as an angelic portal, for whenever the beings living within a star system evolve to a level where their frequency patterns sufficiently match those of the star, angelic beings may flow into that reality on a river of grace. This has long been the experience of the Arcturians, and it is their wish to share it with us.

Here on Earth, though we are at the beginning of that process, we may also open to a greater conscious awareness of angelic light within our lives. In this course your Arcturian friends will guide you into council with angels, where you may receive and share gifts of the light of blessings. You will be shown, by the skills of light that you learn in this course, how this light facilitates angelic presence in your energy field and helps to develop your luminosity.

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