You are perfect already. Therefore understand that when you grow, it is because to grow is natural to you, not because there is error to correct or a fault to erase.

Learn to desist from judging yourself and others; keep practising, for it takes practice. Does this mean that the world turns to chaos without the force of condemnation? Emphatically no! For all healing comes from love and it is love that connects you all. When you judge, connection is broken.

Are all things equal, then? Is there no place for choice? Again, no. Discernment matters. Choose that which is joyful to you. Be observant of your intentions, for joyful intention brings joyful consequences. Keep it simple: act with love to yourself and others and all will be well.

Observe what constrains your freedom: memories, fears, patterns of behaviour, doubt. Look back less, maybe plan less too; rather, attend to what is true for you right now. Right now you are a perfect being, growing.


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