I have been wondering how often what we consider to be negative karma might actually be no more than an echo ricocheting round our energy field. Maybe you find within yourself a feeling that you have a debt to repay and you accept the discomfort or sadness in your life, saying, “This is my karma and I must work through it.” And maybe you are right. But maybe you are not. And how could you tell?

Maybe it’s a good idea to assume a neutral stance; to say “I don’t know in this moment whether I owe any karmic debts or not.” Then live as if all such debts are paid and assume the universe will let you know if that is not the case. This is not to invite some horrible punishing surprise. That has never been the purpose of karma.

The form of any outstanding karmic debt to be paid is not fixed. It is not ‘an eye for an eye’. There is an energy balancing, not a balancing of forms. Its purpose is understanding: that we understanding the experience of another as well as we understand our own. If you shout at someone in anger, know what it feels to be shouted at.

There are other ways of accomplishing this besides drawing a shouting person into your life. Perhaps you need simply to relive vividly both sides, shouting and being shouted at, to feel the explosion of your anger and the shock waves they deliver equally. That way you might save someone the bother of getting angry with you!, empathy,

This neutral stance is a good way of disarming any inner martyr hiding behind a belief that you deserve to suffer. You might ask yourself, “If I let go of this pattern, whose forgiveness would I require?” Here’s a reminder from Sananda that might help: “Open your heart to yourself; it may be that the only person in the universe yet to forgive you is you”.

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