When you express gratitude something remarkable happens. The surface of your energy field changes. It opens to receive more. For as your heart opens and your gratitude flows outwards it softens and relaxes the surface of the energy field, making it much easier for you to receive the gifts of the Universe.

Something else happens too. In your reality all forms and events have their own energy field. As your outflowing gratitude encounters these they also tend to soften and open, revealing more of the treasures that exist within.

At this time the light of grace is entering your world abundantly. It has an especial resonance with the energy of gratitude, so that as you express gratitude it is amplified by the light of grace that is all around. You become like the heroine or hero of a fairytale, whose open-heartedness is strengthened by the gifts of the fairy godmother.

Think of all the world as the outworking of your own being. Your gratitude for the world outside you reveals your acceptance of yourself. As you accept yourself, and indeed are grateful to yourself, the treasures that are stored within your being become increasingly available to you.

The nature of these gifts is grace. For grace brings the gift of itself. It comes to dissolve separation. What is within is not other than what is without. Your gratitude creates a bridge between the inner and the outer. The Universe has always been grateful to you for existing. When you express gratitude to the Universe it can bring you gifts across that bridge.

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