Angels are plentiful in your world, and they are becoming more so. They are coming to transform the nature of your reality. This transformation happens with you and through you. You yourselves are doorways through which angels enter your world. As angelic consciousness flows through you it reveals a new reality.

Angels hold your reality in place. It exists within their consciousness. So in a sense you also exist within the consciousness of angels. As you reach a certain level of oneness, so angels are able to move through you into your reality in order to change its nature. As their light and love sweep through you, you are transformed. Your inner light is stimulated to a fuller expression of itself, enabling your love to be more fully embodied.

The movement of angelic energies through your being is fundamental to this process of transformation. As you discover yourself existing within the consciousness of angels and angels existing within your own consciousness, so you experience a deeper sense of oneness. Oneness is the key quality that marks out this change of reality.

Therefore when you enlist the help of angels, which we greatly encourage, recognise that which you share with the angels; and if you feel overawed by their beauty, see it as a reflection of the beauty they see in you. See yourself creating with the angels, rather than them creating on your behalf.

The angels bring their light to enhance your own; their light creates a space into which your light can expand. As your light expands, you come to a new understanding of yourself; and with a new understanding of yourself comes a new experience of reality. In this way the angels assist you to transform reality and to give it anew into their safekeeping.

Understand yourself as a beautiful presence through which the angels may bring the love and light of the Source of All. The passage of this love and light through your being has drawn your attention to all that resists. By degrees all that resists is washed away, as a pebble is worn smooth by a river. Notice now all that flows easily. Trust the river.

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