Teachings from the Pleiades: The Many Mansions of Your Heart

In the Halls of Learning associated with the star Alcyone in the Pleiades is a room devoted to the Earth. Here, over many generations, a group of Pleiadians have studied Earth and all who live here with purpose of facilitating the evolution of human consciousness with love and light. In this room is an etheric crystal globe, an energetic model of the Earth, which this group uses to understand the Earth’s own evolving light and its effect upon all for whom the Earth is home.

In this course you are invited to join this group, to learn about and share in this work. At the heart of this globe is a dynamic, lightning-like light, running from pole to pole. Around the outside of the globe is a plasma-like light that represents the Earth’s electro-magnetic field. We will focus on these two qualities of light: the inner relating to the spirit that is the animating force for our life as a humans, and the outer relating to the fuller expression of the love that we are. You will be helped by a Pleiadian guide to embody more of your inner light and to grant that light a fuller expression through your human energy field.

Six inner journeys and six introductory talks with study notes.  Listen online or download. Suggested price: £19.95