About the Days of Light series

These Days of Light bring the teachings of Sananda and Zadkiel through guided inner journeys channelled by Christopher and Carrie with practical skills for everyday life. They are available on CD or as a download.

Each of these days combines

  • guided meditations in which you are taken to beautiful inner spaces to receive transmissions of light and love that are gently and powerfully transformative
  • skills that you learn through your experience of these inner spaces
  • exercises to help you use these skills in your life
  • suggestions for continuing to use and develop all that you have learnt
  • the opportunity to know yourself more and more as a member of a community united in light and love for mutual support and for the benefit of all life on Earth.

Each of these Days of Light is designed to help you

  • express the love that you are more and more easily and fully
  • learn practical skills you can apply in your everyday life
  • feel the support of an open-hearted community
  • develop the power of your heart centre
  • share in the creation of a mutually supportive community of light
  • manifest more of your Divine Self.

Each Day of Light is complete in itself. You do not have to have studied previous days in order to enjoy and benefit from subsequent ones.

About The Joyful Mind

Opening your mind to greater joy can be a powerful way of welcoming wonderful changes into your life. With your mind you shape experience and guide your choices. As you come to know and express more of the joy of your Divine Self, so it becomes easier to follow that joy and make the choices that form your highest path.

In this course Zadkiel and Sananda will help you to release old thoughts and beliefs that have limited you. They will guide you to connect with the joy of dolphins, to commune with the minds of angels and to share in the creation of new possibilities for yourself and humanity. The notes include simple practical skills to embody and make real the light you explore in the inner journeys of this Day of Light.

From Sananda and Zadkiel’s Introduction

Joyful mind is like sparkling light on the surface of an ocean. The ocean is the love that you are. The sparkling light is your response to the Sun above. The Sun above is the light of the Source of All revealing itself in your world. So when your mind is joyful it is reflecting most perfectly the loving presence of the Source of All in your life.

Your mind can take on a shimmer that reveals its delight in your aliveness. To do this it helps for you to release your attachment to all your old ways of thinking. Consider again your mind as the surface of the ocean. An ocean is never still, nor is your mind. To let old thoughts govern your mind is like trying to catch the ocean in a net. It will always be free. Your mind loves to be free too. It serves you best when you give it the freedom to respond afresh to each moment. In this way it can find the inspiration that comes into each moment from the Source of All.

The recordings

Six inner journeys with Sananda and Zadkiel channelled by Christopher and Carrie, with music by Thaddeus. 

CD: Two CDs with a booklet of study notes in a jewel case.

Download: Six mp3 files with the notes as a pdf file in two formats for printing out (A4 or US Letter).

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