Heaven on Earth

teachings from the realms of light for a life of joy

Your mind is not separate from the world in which you live. It and the world are one: continuous with one another, two sides of a single coin. For the world is nothing but the contents of your mind writ large. You may know therefore that your mind is both beautiful and sad. Beautiful, because the world is beautiful. Sad, because there is much sadness in the world.

So your mind therefore is beautiful by its nature, but sad because there is sadness within it. This sadness has entered because your mind came to believe itself to be separate from the world. Now is the time to heal that separation; it is no longer required, its function is complete.

Your thoughts are a product of the separation. They are generated by the gap between yourself and your experience. Once created, they came to believe in their own validity and to invent a separate reality inside your head. Often you may have found that this internal reality obscures the world or at least colours it with a strange filter of its own devising.

Now is the time to engage with the world anew, free from the antics of your mind, convinced as it is that it dances at the edge of an abyss, an abyss that does not exist. I do not mean that your thoughts have no value. They are wonderful, but they are not the world. You are a magnificent being of light. Your light is continuous with the world, it senses the world in all its detail and tells you all of the world you need to know. Your thoughts are a delightful play, the froth on your coffee or sunshine through leaves. They are part of your response to the wonder of the world. Enjoy them.

Believe in your ability to connect directly with the world, to engage with all that the world is, to be freely the light that you are. At this time there are many beings of light coming forward to teach you ways of recognising your oneness with the world. The Divine Plan for humanity is written in your being. You are part of the Divine Plan and so is the world. As you change the world changes. Your light brings light to the world. Your love heals the sadness within and without.

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