Teachings from Sirius - 1

Balm for the Heart

The presence and light of Sirius within the consciousness of the Sun is opening up new possibilities for humanity. The combined spiritual light of Sirius and the Sun enables the light of the angelic realms to become more present in human consciousness. This course helps you open the receptivity of your heart centre to greater angelic presence and assists you in embodying your divine self more fully day by day.

In these inner journeys Sananda will guide you into the presence of Sirian and Solar masters of light who will help you configure your heart centre for receiving more light from the angelic realms. He will then assist you to anchor and build that light within the heart, creating a stable meeting place for your human and divine selves. 

Sananda’s introduction

Sirius has always had a strong connection with the Sun. They are in some respects like twins souls. Now the soul of Sirius is stepping forward to be within the light of the Sun as it communicates with the Earth. The coming together of these twin souls also marks a coming together for humanity. This is the time for humanity to come to peace with itself. The need to fight is receding from the Earth. Your hearts have cried out for this. 

The combined light of Sirius and the Sun open a door to the angelic realms, through which the love of the angels is pouring into the earth plane. This course gives you an opportunity to let your heart be part of this opening, for the open door of which we speak is in large measure the open heart of humanity. To your open hearts we bring you the gift of knowing your divine self; it is your gift to reveal the divine in all things.

As you grow your heart centre grows with you. Its receptivity, wisdom and joy become more available to you. Now is a wonderful time to engage with new qualities of light entering your world which offer the possibility of knowing levels of inner peace not easily accessible before. As your own sense of inner peace grows you contribute to birthing it in human consciousness. 

The practical details

You can join this course in person or online or both. Whichever option you choose, you will have access afterwards to audio recordings of the inner journeys and talks together with study notes.

If you book a place at the London venue, you will receive an email acknowledgement with the venue address. Please note that places for London are limited; early booking is recommended.

If you book a place online, you will receive an email acknowledgement with a link to the online meeting room. The online course consist of three sessions through the day, with breaks between each session.

Where and when

Sunday 24 February from 10 am to 5 pm live video to wherever you are 

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