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  • I feel it's time to take the work of Heaven on Earth out into the world more widely.

    Your feedback and opinions can assist me to match Sananda's guidance to your interests and to make helpful changes to the website and newsletter.

    Please answer any questions that interest you (ignore the ones that don't appeal) and then press the submit button.

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  • About Current Courses and Events

  • Currently this live broadcast starts at 7.15 am. What is your preferred time?
  • About New Courses and Events

  • I am planning a series of new half-day online courses for next year. Please check any topics that you might be interested in.
  • These courses would be held on a Saturday or Sunday and run for about 3 hours. Please check any times that you might prefer.
  • Would you welcome an opportunity to meet online each week with other users of Heaven on Earth courses and inner journeys to ask questions of myself and Sananda and to share experiences with one another?
  • You can check as many options as you like.
  • About the Website

  • Are there any changes you'd like to see on the website?
  • About the Newsletter

  • The Heaven on Earth newsletter currently goes out once a week for some of you and once a month for others. If you are a subscriber, what frequency suits you best?
  • What would you like to see in the newsletter? Check as many as you wish.
  • About Heaven on Earth

    Reviews and testimonials, especially by a named person, can help visitors get a sense of what a website is about, whether it is trustworthy and and whether it might be right for them. To make these more accessible I plan to bring some testimonials to the front page of the website. If you feel like writing about your own experiences of any of our courses or inner journeys, or your overall feelings and thoughts about Heaven on Earth, I would welcome your input. Please use the box below to write whatever you wish and then select how you would like to be identified.
  • If you'd like a link to your own website to be considered for inclusion with your testimonial, please include its URL here.
  • If you would like to share a photo of yourself to be used as a small vignette alongside any testimonial you choose to write, you can upload it here.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, jpeg.
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