You live in the midst of the Sun. For the spiritual body of the Sun extends far beyond the Earth. This body of light is the medium in which you exist. It is a medium which permeates your being and out of which your body is made. You are in the process of building a body of light so that you may more fully live the life of the Sun.

This life has purpose; it carries intent in every ray. The purpose of the Sun is to fulfil Divine Will in ways that are joyful. Each star carries a script written in the language of the Source. Each script is unique, and the script that the Sun is given to fulfil is one of joyful youth.

It may seem strange, then, that you find yourself living on a planet where human consciousness appears to have a mild addiction to problems. But the Sun has several billion years yet in this physical form, and longer again by far as an etheric presence. It’s in for the long game. For the Sun it is natural that to fulfil its given purpose it will draw to itself forms of consciousness that it can assist in the same direction. So if humanity is weighed down with problems, and loses youth easily, the Sun knows it can help. You are heading its way; it can give you a lift.

It is in the nature of light that it does not need to operate within the limits of sequential time. Rather, sequential time is one of an endless number of modalities it can create and sustain. Of itself, light exists beyond time. This is true also of the body of light you are creating for yourself. You are not bound to the billions of years of physical evolution, but can move back and forth between that world and the world of light.

Every particle of light, however small a scale you might go to, contains the entire Divine Plan and all possible ways for its implementing. Each star brings forward a range of those ways, an associated group of modalities for you to explore. The more you realise your own light, the greater the choice of modalities available to you.

In any given moment you can be the light of that moment, gifted to you by the Sun, and read its script. That is to say, you can enter into the light of a moment and discover as much of the totality of the Source of All as your level of evolution allows. Remember that more evolved is not better than less evolved, just more joyful.

Engagement with the light of the Sun makes it easier to slip in and out of moments, to reveal the gifts they contain, and to live those gifts. As you do so, the evolutionary journey of the human body is accelerated. New pathways open up for its development. Complex helices of light develop around the strands of your DNA that facilitate activation of previously occluded genetic combinations.

This is a collective process. Currently you as humanity have elected to evolve on the principle sometimes called critical mass. You choose, both within yourself and together as human consciousness, to allow a process of preparation to continue gently until there is a shared sense that a new dispensation can be embodied. Then all move forward together. The old ideas of winners and losers dissolve in the incoming tide of light.

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