One of the best ways of looking after your mind is to rest it. You live in a world in which a busy mind is normal and a more active mind can seem like a fitter mind. Thoughts wear grooves and habitual thoughts can create deep grooves that may become ruts that are difficult to free yourself from. Resting your mind gives it the opportunity to relax back into its naturally responsive state.

Your mind extents far beyond your physical brain. It has a large and subtle electro-magnetic field which is contiguous with the whole of humanity’s mental body. Your personal field is highly sensitive to this contact; as a species you are very telepathic across a certain range of this electro-magnnetic spectrum. Your thoughts, though they seem to be, are not always your own, and your brain, itself dependent on electro-magnetism for its functioning, is profoundly influenced by the thoughts of others.

You accrue much benefit from this tendency. It helps you to co-operate with one another and to create beneficial change across a whole society. But it also has disadvantages for you. You may find yourself influenced by current belief systems that do not match well with your own deeper sense of what is true.

Letting the mind move towards stillness, giving it a rest, makes it easier to discern another organising principle. For in addition to the ambient electro-magnetic field of the shared human mind, there is within you a light, from another part of the electro-magnetic spectrum altogether, that is superseding this ambient field. It may be found in the spiritual light at the centre of your head and is associated at the physical level with the pineal gland.

We may consider the pineal gland as a kind of governor for metabolic function, ultimately designed to facilitate stable states of blissful feeling. For through the light at the centre of the head you may find a divine light of great intensity that connects you to the Source of All in a state of worship; that is, in a mutual experience of worth.

From this state come thoughts that ease the embodiment of that worth in your outer world. And resting your mind is a helpful way of moving to that state.


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