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I offer soul guidance sessions on Monday each week. Read more about them here or scroll down to book your appointment.

Please note that from the start of April 2020 I will no longer be offering soul guidance sessions. Instead, with Sananda I will be creating more courses to help you find your own answers and insights.

What is a soul guidance reading?

It is an opportunity for you to become more conscious of your own wisdom as Sananda reveals to you the insights your soul has for you at this time. Generally a session begins with Sananda giving you an overview of some of the principal themes you are exploring at this time. Then he opens it out to give you an opportunity to ask any questions you wish, whether practical and down-to-earth or spiritual and far-reaching.

My role as channel is to bring through the wisdom and love of Sananda as clearly as possible. Sananda will not tell you what to do, but rather help you to see more fully the nature of your choices. When he speaks to you of your future path he is helping you to see the possibilities that are opening up for you. Sometimes, if it is appropriate, Sananda will work with you in a therapeutic way to release old traumas or stuck thoughtforms. Always as he talks he is also transmitting light and love to you. A session is generally complete in itself, but for some people continuing to work with Sananda and myself over a series of sessions may be beneficial.

More about Christopher and Sananda

ChristopherAbout thirty years ago I found myself on what I came to recognise as the beginning of a spiritual path.  Not long after I was fortunate to become an early students of the Awakening Your Light Body course, created by DeBen and Orin and their channels Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, and it was while studying this course that  I met my first guide Laran. With his patient and good-humoured help I began to teach through channelling in 1991. Then one sunny morning Laran announced that he was leaving and that I would be working with Sananda from here on.

Sananda has guided me to create Heaven on Earth and all that we offer under this banner. He is an immense being of light, a luminous presence who sees his role as facilitating the great shift in consciousness that is becoming available to humanity at this time. We are all connected to this being and there are many around the Earth who channel his wisdom, light and love.

My own work with Sananda is to offer teachings and help, both to groups and individuals, which create a path of enlightenment that is accessible, gentle and joyful. I experience Sananda as focused light, simultaneously all around and precisely engaged. There is a feeling of endless patience and good humour, combined with profound understanding and immense breadth of vision, all with a boundless unconditional love. I find our work together work wonderful and deeply fulfilling.

How might an soul guidance session help me?

  • Do you want to access more of your gifts and potential?
  • Are you encountering an issue that has felt difficult to resolve?
  • Do you feel that there is something missing from your life?
  • Are you experiencing fears or doubts without knowing why?
  • Are you confronting a choice and finding yourself unsure what is best for you?
  • Is everything going really well, and you’d like to take it to the next level?

We can all use help in this world, so if it’s a yes to any of these questions, than you may like to consider a soul guidance reading. Sananda’s words and the love and light he transmits can gently guide you to access more your own understanding, helping you to clarity, resolution and inner peace.

You can read how other people have responded to their soul guidance readings here.

Where does a reading take place?

In your own home over the telephone or by Skype. If you prefer, you can visit me and have your session face-to-face. I record your session and you can listen to or download it as an mp3 file afterwards.

How long is a session and what does it cost?

Each session lasts about an hour. The fee for a session is £35. 

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Any further questions?

Please use this form, if you have a question about soul guidance sessions that is not covered here.

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