Imagine what it feels like for the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. What does it leave behind? What does it carry forward? How does it navigate through the void? You too know the process of transformation. You moved from childhood to adulthood; old ways of understanding yourself were left behind when you had to create a new identity. You live in a time when other kinds of profound transformation are available to you. The Sun is changing its nature, in that the soul of the Sun is making available to humanity qualities of energy that were previously difficult to access, hidden in the depths of the Sun’s spiritual body.

Consider the journey of caterpillar to butterfly. The caterpillar leaves behind all certainty. It no longer knows who or what it is. But it emerges with a renewed and different beauty. It leaves behind its old food, the leaves with which the plant transforms light into growth, and turns to a new food, the nectar, a product of that light – the beauty of the light made real. As the butterfly, it takes wing. It expresses its beauty through the gift of flight. It is drawn to the light and dances there.

So it is for you in your process of change. You leave certainties behind. All that has given you the idea of a separate identity, the judgements with which you have sustained that identity, the rigid forms within your energy field, dissolve towards a oneness. You are all beings, all life. You leave behind old forms of nourishment; that is to say, you are no longer dependent upon the structures human society has used to grant authority, status and belonging to its members. Instead you are nourished by the nectar of Divine Love. This Divine Love charges all that is. It is fully present in your world. You absorb it through the air that you breath, the food you eat and the liquid that you drink. You can absorb it in every experience. Nourished by Divine Love you express the beauty of your being through all that you are.

How may you steer through these changes? What guiding principle might you find? Let us use the idea of a magnet that has only one pole. All the magnets you know have two poles, north and south. You are very familiar with a world of polarity. When you look within yourself as you seek to grow, to every urge to move forward you will find something that resists or wants to pull back. This is a natural part of your world. But imagine a world in which the magnet has a single pole, that you are drawn forward without resistance. This is your world too. You already exist in this world. It is already known to you. It is the world of your higher self and your soul. It is the purpose of the Sun to connect you more strongly to the ultimate monopole magnet, the Source of All.

You yourself could be considered an electro-magnetic being. As the Sun assists you to clarify your connection with Source subtle changes are induced in your electro-magnetic field. You become more receptive to charge emerging from the Sun that is designed to assist the evolution of humanity. This charged energy, amongst many other functions, assists neural pathways to open to and strengthen the transmission of a non-polarised energy into thoughts, ideas, insights and realisations that you may make manifest in your world. This monopole magnet might also be said to exist within you. The core of light at the centre of your being acts as a monopole magnet when you permit yourself to express that light through your human presence, when you know yourself as a being of light in human form.

To initiate this process make it your business to move towards unconditional love for all beings. It may be wise to start at home with yourself! Your unconditional love for every aspect of your being is equivalent to the process by which the caterpillar allows the fixed forms of its body to dissolve so that it may take on the new form of the butterfly.  Don’t try to hard, for that is a subtle way of re-engaging with the world of polarity. Instead, recognise that there is a flow that moves through you and that you are part of; and it is this flow of Divine Love, the electro-magnetic emissions of the Source of All, that draws you through the void, through the becoming to the realisation of yourself as a being of light, expressing the Divine Light and Love of your being through your human form.


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