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Sananda Message 108: The Coming Light

This is a time of a great awakening. The light that is entering the world offers awakening to many. Those of you who responded to earlier waves of light and found yourselves awakening to a new sense of yourself and of the world in which you find yourselves are now in a position to help many.

This is not an onerous duty laid upon your shoulders, but an encouragement to be yourself. Over the coming months see if you can relax into the beauty of your being. The greatest gift that you can bring to the world is your presence. The light that is coming helps you focus upon your presence, for it encourages the gathering of attention from whatever distracts you, so that you may place your focus upon being.

Whatever help you then offer to those with whom you share the planet springs naturally out of your being, out of your joy. Let yourself know that your presence is beautiful, and that beauty of being is an active force in the Universe. When you acknowledge and are comfortable with yourself as a beautiful presence, the energy of your beauty magnetises the forms of your world into higher order.

Know the beauty in all beings as well as in yourself. Every being has a purpose and that purpose is beautiful. Every time you see beauty in another being you are helping her or him to know and live their purpose. Each time you look into the heart of another and see or sense light there, you are reconnecting into the universal gridwork of light through which the Divine Plan for all life is made manifest.

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