Navigator of Light Group

£8.00 / month

Explore your relationship with the Universe with immediate access to many teachings from Sananda. Receive 50% discount on all half-day and one-day courses plus discounts on all multi-part and recorded courses.

Navigator of Light Group

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Understand more of your relationship with the Universe. Learn from the souls of the stars. Connect with beautiful and evolved beings of light from other dimensions and star systems. Celebrate the sharing of consciousness as you become increasingly aware of your oneness with all life.

Immediate access to over 150 mini meditations, messages and talks from Sananda, the Welcome courses, the Well-Being courses, the Anchoring Starlight courses, the Teaching from the Stars courses and more.  A 50% discount on all half-day or one-day courses. More teachings each month.

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What are the benefits of joining this group?

As well as the immediate access to teachings and the discounts on courses, you are joining a group who are developing their spiritual gifts with help from many beings of light and the support of a like-minded community.

Can I upgrade/downgrade/cancel my membership?

Yes, at any time.

Will I receive emails?

Only if you choose. When you join you can opt to sign up for our newsletter and you can cancel that subscription any time.


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