Being in the Garden of Love

Relax with loving friends of light in an inner space of tranquillity.

Four inner journeys with introductory talk and study notes.



Being in the Garden of Love

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The Garden of Love is a real place, but in another dimension. In inner journeys we can move into this dimension. Here we can access frequencies that are becoming part of human consciousness. These uplifting and harmonious frequencies help us to recognise our divine selves more fully.

Code: WB006


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Do I need previous experience?

No. Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced meditator you are welcome to join this course.

What might I get out of this course?

The aim of the course is to guide you into a beautiful inner space of tranquillity that you may visit whenever you choose. Everyone is different, so your experience will be unique to you.

What is the difference between joining a live course and listening to a recorded course?

In many ways they are the same: you receive the same transmissions whether listening live or to a recording, for Sananda is aware of you whenever you join in the inner journeys. Live courses also give you an opportunity to connect with others on a similar path, to ask questions and share feedback.


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