Let’s begin at the beginning of this lifetime.  Probably the first time you felt contentment was in your mother’s womb.  You were warm, safe and well-fed – and growing. How might you translate those early feelings of contentment into your life today?

Contentment comes from your relationships, both internally with yourself and externally with the world. In the womb your mother represented most of the world for you, and gave you a perfect way of transferring from the realms of spirit into this world.  Floating within a sea of amniotic fluid was initially a little like the experience of unity with your soul, floating in a sea of universal love.  As you grew you adjusted and grew accustomed to physical reality.

Simple things, like your mother moving, taught you much about how this world works.  Her particular actions as she interacted with the world guided you from being part of a universal flow to being part of this particular world. You felt her emotions and thoughts as well. These helped you to define the world and to develop strategies, even within the womb, for how you would deal with it.  You were moving from a state with a high degree of oneness to a world of action and reaction.

In a world of oneness there is a natural sense of being in the flow or, more truly, being part of the flow.  In this world being in that sense of flow is a skill you began to develop in the womb. You found it in those times of contentment – full, safe, happy and growing.  You can find it now too.  Your skills have continued to develop, so that even if life seems far more complicated and demanding than your time in the womb, you have also developed the skills to match.

In every moment you can find that sense of being in the flow that is your chief source of contentment.  If the particular details of this moment threaten to take you out of the flow, expand your sense of connection to a larger world.  Automatically the things you were finding difficult become smaller and more manageable in the larger context you have given them.  If you feel out of the flow because you are ill-at-ease with yourself, look with clarity and compassion at your own unease. Think of your unease as ripples in that universal sea of love from which you came and which, truly, you are still part of.

Permit the Universe to provide for you as a mother.  Think of the Universe as a kind of womb filled with a nourishing amniotic fluid within which you are growing, and from which, in every moment, you are emerging into a new world.  For the sense that you are growing or becoming is also a vital part of what brings you contentment.

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