We speak to you of heaven.  You speak of heaven yourselves, as when you might say of a beautiful experience, “Oh! It was heaven!”  But what do we all mean by this word?

We suggest there are two key qualities or states required to bring you the experience of heaven.  These we will call connection and alignment.  When these qualities are present, no matter what the outward appearance, you can be in heaven.

Connection simply means your connection with the other consciousnesses who make up the Universe.  For most of you connections with other people will be foremost, but you connect with many other consciousnesses also, for all of your Universe is conscious to some degree, including things such as stones or even human-made objects such as machines.

Connection might be thought of as having three phases: giving, receiving and being. These need to be in balance for you to be comfortable.  If you give too much, you become drained.  If you receive too much, you become overwhelmed.  And you also need time of stillness within connection, where you are neither giving or receiving, or at least have no focus upon it.  You can liken connection to breathing. When you breathe out, you are giving to the Universe; when you breathe in, you are receiving from it; and there is also an important time, however brief, between the inflow and outflow of breath, when you are still.

By alignment is meant your alignment with Divine Will or the Source of All.  The greater your sense of alignment, the greater your sense of inner peace and harmony, and the easier it is to experience heaven.

Alignment also can be likened to an aspect of your body.  It relates to physical alignment, whether that is the alignment of your spine or the proper functioning of the body’s many systems.  It can be understood in terms of balance too, so that even if your health is not perfect or your body feels misaligned in some way, you can still find a sense of balance within those limits.

Balance gives you a clue to the nature of alignment with Divine Will. While Divine Will may be eternal, your response to it is changing moment by moment.  Aligning with Divine Will is much less like being an engine driver on a fixed track and much more like being a sailor.  As a sailor you adjust constantly to variations in wind and current.  Just as a good sailor asks, “How can I get the most right now out of this wind and current?” so you can become increasingly observant of the moment by moment changes in your life and ask, “How can I find the greatest sense of alignment in this moment?”

Joy is an excellent measure of alignment.  When you experience joy you are feeling your connection with the Source of All.  Joy arises in each moment from your sense of alignment.  It is not dependent on your circumstances, but, like the sailor responding to wind and current, on how you meet those circumstances.

Both of these states, connection and alignment, tend towards oneness.  Heaven is made of other qualities too, but oneness creates its foundation.

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