You are a creator of peace. This is a very valuable gift.

One reason all of you have chosen to incarnate on Earth at this time is to develop this gift. You have chosen a reality in which there is a certain amount of turbulence and you discover this turbulence in the world around you and within yourself also. This gives you plenty of opportunities to develop your gift.

Therefore when you find turbulence within or around you, recognise it as an opportunity to develop an already highly developed skill.  You have cast yourself into a world you find unpredictable; it presents you with surprises, twists and turns in the path. That helps you to be in the moment, to respond to the surprise, rather than to something you’d already planned for.  You become like tightrope walkers, finding your balance anew in each moment, and this helps you to feel fully alive.

Sometimes it can be useful to forget whether turbulence is coming from inside or outside yourself and to treat it simply as a change in energy that you can respond to in any way you please.  You can add or subtract energy from any situation to create peace, no matter what the energy might be like to start with.  This adding or subtracting of energy is not just a matter of arithmetic, of more or less, but a highly creative process. In this process you are more like an artist, choosing the perfect colour to balance a painting or a musician choosing the perfect note to create a harmony.

Sometimes it might be as if you are a cook presented with a selection of unusual ingredients and you ask of yourself, ‘How I can make a delicious meal out of these?’ When you let your creative imagination free, you will often find that you can indeed create something beautiful and perhaps surprise yourself at the same time.  You live in a time when energies around you are more fluid than they have been for a long time.  Perhaps sometimes that can feel a little unsettling, but it also means that change is easier to accomplish.  And if you are willing to surprise yourself, even more change is possible than you may have believed.

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