You have a will of your own and it’s very important to you. Without the will you’ve inherited from your ancestors you probably wouldn’t be here. Even if your own life has been quite easy, your ancestors went through some very tough times and survived, thanks in part to a very strong will. So as we begin to look at this subject start by being grateful for your will: it has served you well.

Sometimes your will is very beautifully aligned with Divine Will, sometimes it’s less aligned.  As you evolve so your own will becomes more and more fully in alignment with Divine Will.  It’s not that your own will ceases to be, rather that it increasingly merges with Divine Will and in doing so it grows more powerful.  There is really nothing more powerful in the Universe than your will when it is at one with Divine Will.

Divine Will and your own personal will operate in different ways.  You might expect Divine Will to override your will when the two are at odds, since Divine Will must ultimately be the stronger.  Yet you also know that this is not what happens, at least in any straightforward way, since you can look back at times when you’ve given your will its head even though it has felt motivated by a fear or greed or pride that has temporarily swayed you.  And nothing has happened; you got your way, your will prevailed; there was no flash of lightning, no voice from the clouds forbidding you to go against Divine Will.

So what is the nature of Divine Will?  What is this powerful force that sits quiet and says nothing? Divine Will is filled with peace.  It comes from the Source of All and exists within you at the core of your being.  It exists beyond time and so is free from the feeling of urgency or neediness that you may find in your personal will.  Divine Will knows it is forever. When you look within for the guidance of Divine Will, you may find a sense of peace, of stillness, of eternity.

Your own will is driven by desire.  There is nothing wrong with this; to have desires and to seek to fulfil them is an essential part of being human. It brings you growth and a sense of aliveness and joy.  However you also know that hanging on to your desires can be self-defeating; the desperation to fulfil a desire can rob you of the joy it promises. Divine Will is different here too.  It comes from a place of completeness; it is only interested in your desires to the degree that they bring you towards oneness with the Source of All.

The essence of Divine Will is love.  It is the magnetic force that draws you towards the eternal love of the Source.  When you look within to discover Divine Will, look for love.  When you look at a choice and ask yourself, ‘I am I motivated by my will or Divine Will?’ look at the choice that offers to express the most love. But remember two things: include yourself – you deserve love too; and know that your will and Divine Will may already be more aligned than you give yourself credit for.

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