You might think that angels are for special occasions – announcements, miracles, times of deep need – for this is when they have been most often reported.  Such appearances are part of their role, but a small part that says more about human consciousness than about who the angels are and what they do.

For it is when circumstances are extreme that you have tended to be able to shift out of the normal range of perception and connect with other realities or levels of consciousness. One of the ways in which humanity is changing in this age is that boundaries between realities or different levels of your own consciousness are becoming softer and less clearly marked. It is becoming easier for you to sense the angelic realms.  The angels are responding to this by becoming more present in your lives.

Don’t be concerned if at this point you are saying to yourself, ‘I never see angels’, and assume you must be less evolved. For angels are beings whose texture is very fine and they occupy a reality very different from your own. Your reality, the reality in which you live, is quite specialised. The earth plane with its energy taking on the forms of matter, space and time is unusual.  It takes an enormous amount of focused energy to hold it in place.  Ultimately that energy comes from you. But angelic beings hold the underlying structures and templates of this reality in place for you.

The relationship of you and the angels is a very profound one.  Deep in the very heart of your being a communion occurs, a continuous interplay of light and love between you and the angels. They observe the release of light from the core of your being, the expression of your divine self into this reality, and adjust the structures of this reality accordingly. So many of you have chosen to focus on your spiritual growth in this lifetime. It makes a difference; the angels notice and rejoice.

The nature of your reality naturally leads you to expect angels to appear to you in physical form, or something that equates to physical form – an image, a rustle of wings, a falling feather – and of course all of these things can and do occur. But angels are everywhere.  Their substance is so fine it interpenetrates matter with complete ease.  In a certain way we might even say that your reality exists inside the consciousness of the angels. When an angel appears it is because that angelic consciousness has gathered itself into a form that you can recognise. So we might say that angelic consciousness is to you like water to a fish: it’s everywhere, it’s the medium in which you swim.

Angels are here to help; that’s their primary function.  They help in many ways, not all of which are obvious.  Certainly they respond to requests. Always allow yourself to ask for help; always know that help may not come in the ways you expect.  But much help comes though you have not consciously invited it. Each of you is a confederation of energies, and many of the energies of which you are made have a degree of autonomy. For instance, the cells which make up your physical bodies can also be experienced as temples of light, at the heart of which is a sacred flame which, in turn, has at its heart a divine spark that communes with the angels. The divine spark within each cell requests and receives in every moment help from the angels.  This is one of the ways in which your reality is both sustained and also changed.

The angels touch your consciousness in many different ways.  Their consciousness and yours are interwoven.  You are just beginning to discover the nature of the cloth created by this weaving together of your light and theirs. You are beginning to know yourselves as consciousness whose purpose is to bring joy to the oneness of which you are part.  And the angels support you in this discovery.

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