There are many doorways to your Divine Self. And you can also come through these doorways from your Divine Self into your human life, moment by moment if you wish. Each doorway gives you its own perspective on your life, throwing Divine Light upon the most ordinary of experiences and illuminating them to reveal all that makes this life so precious.

Two of these doorways are your heart centre and the light that exists at the centre of your head. Each offers light and love to your life, but in different ways.

At the physical level your heart, of course, relates to your bloodstream and the circulatory system.  It is not for nothing that it has been said that it’s love that makes the world go round. And so it is that your heart centre circulates love through the personal world of your body and your life. And it brings light too. Compassion illuminates understanding. When you stand in the light of your Divine Self and look through the doorway of your heart centre, all is seen with love. A deeper truth is revealed.

The light at the centre of your head is associated at the physical level with the pineal gland and then with the pituitary gland. Your endocrine system is to a degree governed by these two glands cooperating with one another. They order in large measure the tides of your emotional body, while your experiences generate the waves. The light at the centre of your head helps you access the Temple of your Divine Self, a place of serene wisdom, through which you bring calm insight to the ever-changing detail of your life. Such insight unstops your wellsprings of love so that they may fill your life.

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