What makes a true king or queen?  It is your spiritual power. This is why kings and queens have traditionally worn crowns, which symbolise their connection with the Divine through the crown centre.  Pity the poor monarch who has been given the task of holding that connection for an entire people. It is time to realise your own sovereignty, so that you may lift some of the burden of care and responsibility you have placed upon your leaders.

Your spiritual power is not the power to dominate or control.  As more and more of you open and reveal the great beauty of your crowns you become queens and kings amongst queens and kings.  That old need for dominance goes. You become instead a race who share their crown centres as one and so create a world in which the Divine Presence may become manifest.

You might think of it like this.  As you open your crown centre you may experience it as a chalice, a precious vessel which fills with love from the Source of All.  As more and more connect with one another through the crown, so these many chalices filled with love become like a still lake reflecting the beauty of the Source. Each one of you through this process of reflection begins to manifest that which is reflected and Divine Presence is born on Earth in the beingness of you all.

Now is a beautiful time to invite that fuller connection with Source. As you do so imagine your crown opening to feel more of the love the Source of All has for you.  You may like to invite angelic beings to line the path of light that links you to the Source.  Imagine the crown filling with the perfect amount of love for you at this time.  As you breathe in, draw this love down to your heart centre, and as you breathe out imagine love being given by you through your heart centre to every part of your being and to the world.

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