There are very powerful rivers of light flowing through your reality at this time. That means that they are flowing through you, through your consciousness too.  But you have a choice about how you respond.  You can choose to open to this light or you can resist it.  Either way brings its challenges.  Going against the flow can be hard work; go with it and you can feel as if you are being swept away.

In a sense that is exactly what is happening when you accept the gifts the light brings and go with its flow. The ‘you’ you have imagined yourself to be is being swept away.  But then that old you is less than you truly are; it was a useful fabrication constructed in times of need.

What is swept away is solely what you no longer require; a kind of spring cleaning is taking place. As you experience this spring cleaning it can be useful to ask of yourself each time an old attitude or belief comes up, “How much do I need that, how true is that for me now?” You may find that surprisingly few of them are required on this voyage.

The underlying purpose of these rivers of light is to bring you joy.  That’s why they bring old attitudes up to the surface of humanity’s consciousness. Many of these attitudes were forged in desperate moments; you needed them to defend yourselves from peril. But those perils are in truth long past. Now the light comes to free you, like the sun coming out and encouraging you to take off your overcoat.

It is natural that sometimes you might feel inclined to believe in peril, for that justifies many of your old fears to you.  Don’t be harsh in judging those who seem fixated on living in fear; that is their reality.  Don’t be harsh either to the parts of you that hold on to fear.  Be, both for yourself and others, like the sun that shines benignly on all, showing by example that your overcoat of protection and defence can be taken off.  Let yourself expand into these rivers of light.  They are there for you to play in.

Give yourself permission to find you are both other and more than who you have taken yourself to be.  Recognise that you are fully capable of being a source of peace in the world.  From within your own being comes peace and you can learn to live that peace every day.

More and more these rivers of light bring you understanding of yourself as Divine Presence, as your soul taking on human form. As you embrace this light and find trust in its miraculous powers of transformation, you can come to know yourself as an aspect of the light itself. You can know yourself as a timeless being for whom your personal history is just one way amongst many in which you may choose to understand yourself.

Allow the light that is entering your world to bring you gifts. Be open to what these gifts might be.  They may not be what you expect at all, but nevertheless say to yourself, “I welcome the gifts the Universe has for me, and I trust myself to use them wisely and well.”

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