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Although it often seems to be true, time does not really happen sequentially in the familiar past, present and future. Think of time as being made of moments. There are many ways of connecting those moments and sequential time is only one of those many. If this is so, what use is it to you? Life seems to continue in its old familiar groove and it seems that nothing you do will alter the inevitability of today turning into yesterday and tomorrow becoming today.

Begin by imagining that all moments are simultaneous. All are in a now that is real to your soul. How does your soul manage this kind of time – everything happening at once? Your soul links all moments together with love, the great unifying principle of the Universe. Imagine all the pixels on a computer screen being scattered at random; you would be able to make no sense of them. Instead you are used to the software in your computer organising the pixels into a picture, text or calculation that makes sense to you. That’s how it is for your soul. Love organises all moments into meaning.

For your soul nothing is random, everything has meaning. For you it can be so too. Maybe not all at once, but that does not matter. You can set a conscious intention that meaning reveals itself to you through the love you bring to the moments of your life. Move in the direction of giving unconditional love to every moment, past, present or future, of the life you are living.

As you grow in skill, your love reveals a different kind of time. In this time, more like the time in which your soul lives, all moments become increasingly accessible to you. You can be present with love in every moment of your life, past, present or future. The picture on the screen rearranges itself; the pixels reveal an image of joy.

Does this mean that you can control your life, reshaping it to suit yourself? That depends on who is the you asking the question. If the you is the part of you controlled by human desires and wishes, then no. But if the you is you as your soul, then the answer is still no, but because control becomes the wrong word. As your soul, you are allowing all moments to find the most beautiful possible relationship to one another. The life you are living right now is a collaboration between your human self and your soul self for this purpose.

Each time you encounter joy in this moment you are entering a zone of consciousness within which time begins to organise itself on these principles, moving into relationships between moments that reveal the greatest beauty available at your current level of consciousness. Each moment of joy reveals something of the oneness of all life and all experience to which you go and from which you come.

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