Heaven on Earth

teachings from the realms of light for a life of joy

Do you feel agitated or stirred up? If you do, it may help you to pause and observe your energy field. It doesn’t matter if you are not quite sure what your energy field is or where it ends. Let your imagination come to your aid. Ask yourself, ‘Where do I end? Where does the world begin?’ The answer that your imagination brings you may be quite complex or uncertain. This too does not matter, for the act of considering the question has already done something useful. It has enabled you to look at your relationship with the world and, in particular, the amount of space you grant to yourself in the world.

It is very likely that any time you experience agitation, a kind of impatience or frustration with yourself or with the world, that you are denying yourself your birthright. What is this birthright? It is your right to be in the world, and more. For you are not limited to the dimensions of your physical body and any time that you tell yourself that you are, you do yourself a great disservice. You are attempting to squeeze infinity into your physical frame and it won’t fit. Rather let yourself know that your energy field is infinite in extent through all time and all space.

With that realisation comes the responsibility of freedom. You are free, unlimited, uncontained. How might such freedom be used? If you are present everywhere and in all times, how can you possibly manage such largeness? Be kind to yourself, to your human presence here on Earth. You cannot in this form know all infinity. But you can have a relationship with it and a stance towards it. Your relationship is one of love. Every moment in which you are able to feel love, however partial or flawed you might fear your love is, you are adding love to all of the Universe. Then let your stance be one of joyful swimming. That infinite universe is an ocean of light and you are swimming in it as a being of light, or indeed as drop of light in the ocean and all of the ocean too.

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