You are a natural touchstone for the truth. You have the potential to know always what is true, and yet often you can find yourself uncertain. “Is this person telling me the truth or not? Is this statement or idea about the world true or not?” you ask yourselves.

It may help to begin by assuring yourself that everything tells you some truth about existence; within every statement is some kind of truth.  By this, I mean that every connection you make with the world brings an experience, and through that experience you may come to know more of yourself and the world. When you find yourself questioning the truth of something, perhaps you might instead ask of yourself, “What truth is this revealing to me?”  You might find, for example, that your uncertainty is showing you a subject of which you are ignorant, and you can truly say, “I know that this is an area I have not yet studied.”

It may help to release the need to be certain, to allow yourself to be more comfortable with uncertainty.  For example you might say to yourself, “Every area of uncertainty is an area in which there is room for me to grow.” Uncertainty can become a source of pleasure, rather than disquiet. “This is an area I shall enjoy discovering more about,” you might say.

Above all, recognise that every time you ask, “Is this true or not?” you are asking of yourself, “What is the truth of my being?” You are largely unknown to yourselves, lands to be discovered.  Let this be a source of joy to you.  Know that what is to be found by you is infinite beauty, that this is the truth of your being. As you make this journey of discovery, more and more is revealed to you and it becomes easier to know the truth of the world in which you live and of those with whom you share this world.

All that you as humanity have used to hide the truth from yourselves or each other has been no more than an attempt to protect the infinite beauty of your being.  Sometimes that beauty has felt so impossibly great that you have experienced your protections and deceptions as guilt and shame.

At this time the light of truth is flooding into your reality.  Much that has been hidden is being revealed, and will continue to be.  When the light of truth reveals what you or others have sought to hide, let yourself know that now more of humanity’s true beauty can be seen.  The more you are able to see yourself and all others as beautiful beings who do the best they can, the more easily the light of truth fulfils its purpose of opening the eyes of humanity to the absolute truth of your beauty.

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