Welcome. Take a few moments to think about your life, especially to sense the overall pattern of it. If you were a bird and could fly above your life what would it look like? Now notice what feelings you had as you did this. Joy? Dread? Many different feelings? Be the bird again, looking down from high up as you move forward on your life path. See if you can let go of all judgement and simply observe as a bird might. Watch your movement through life; admire and appreciate the human who is you, moving step by step along a path. Love this human as a precious presence on the Earth. Let go of the need to understand what it all means. Just admire. See how beautiful every gesture, every movement, every breath is. As you observe this beauty more and more closely, you are drawn closer to your human self. The bird of your soul and your human self merge. For by seeing yourself as your soul does, you invite your soul in. It nests in your heart and sings with your voice.


Your soul does not need to understand, for it knows it already does understand. Know that understanding is within you and be at peace. Look through your eyes, hear through your ears, feel through your senses how beautiful the world is. When you know it is beautiful, its beauty reveals itself to you.


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