What does it mean? What is it to do with you? Resurrection tells you that you are safe. It tells you that no matter what happens, a fresh start comes. More than that, it tells you that nothing is lost. New shoots are nourished by last year’s dead leaves. Nothing is wasted.

Your world is going through a process of resurrection. Does this mean that you must die to be born again in the new world? That depends on who you think ‘you’ is. It has been said that you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless you are as a little child. For a little child all is new and wonderful. Its openness opens the door to Heaven. It carries no heavy weight of expectation nor is burdened by the past. But is this true for you? Do you identify with your memories, your aspirations, your ideas, your beliefs? If so, that ‘you’ will die. For these identifications, though they have been interesting and useful in many ways, are not you.

You are light, born out of love into the world of form. Your form is light. Your light expresses itself as your human presence. That presence is extremely beautiful to all those beings who observe you from the higher realms. Those identifications that can seem so important to you – gender, status, profession and so on, along with the story of your life – are seen by us as momentary configurations of your light, this year’s leaves. As such, they are beautiful in their own right. The clothes you wear are beautiful, but they are not you.

Does an acorn know it will become an oak? The oak is contained within the acorn, after all. Yet maybe all an acorn knows is that it must break out of its shell and grow. For you too it may be that all you need to know is what is here right now for you to do. This here and now may be so very simple. Pause a moment as you read or hear these words. Consider the moment; it contains infinite riches. Those riches are for you and they are you. Each moment is given to you so that you may discover new riches, a new you. Who are you in this moment?

This is resurrection: granting your light the freedom to express itself anew in each moment; letting the past nourish you, not define you; being the wonder of the world.


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