You Are a Citizen of the Galaxy


Understand more of your purpose on Earth as Sananda transmits to you the light of grace and new qualities of light beginning to flow into our reality. Connect with the wise beings of light who oversee the evolution of the Galaxy.


These nine inner journeys introduce you to the light of grace that is flowing into our world and transforming human consciousness. In them Sananda is preparing you for changes that are coming over the next few years. As you listen Sananda is aware of you and transmitting unconditional love and beautiful frequencies of light to you. You may like to listen to these inner journeys in sequence first of all and then return to any that draw you especially. Their effect can be cumulative, with successive listenings revealing more of the energies Sananda transmits. The journeys are accompanied by Sananda’s three-part essay of the same title, first published in Paradigm Shift magazine.

Your download

Nine inner journeys as mp3 files with the essay as a pdf file in a choice of formats for printing out (A4 or US Letter) + all these bundled as a zip file if you prefer to download them as one.

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