Visiting Star Cluster M5

Visit a globe of stars at the edge of our Galaxy, home for galactic guardians who transmit very fine frequencies of light to help us.

Four inner journeys with introductory talk and study notes.


Visiting Star Cluster M5


Imagine travelling into an immense group of stars gathered together by mutual attraction to form a globe of intense light. Clusters of stars like this one, with more than 100,000 stars gathered into a globe of about 100 light years radius, are very ancient. M5 is considered to be at least 10 billion years old. They are found around the edge of the Galaxy and play a role of guardianship.

In this course Sananda guides you in a series of inner journeys to the inner spaces of this group of stars to connect with and receive transmissions from a community of galactic guardians who are reaching out to help us liberate our spirit as we form new relationships with the world of matter and time.

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Do I need previous experience?

Some experience of inner journeys is likely to be helpful.

What might I get out of this course?

The aim of the course is to help you find a greater freedom in your sense of who and what you are, so that you may reveal to yourself more of your innate wisdom and grow in consciousness. Everyone joining the course responds to the light they receive in the way that is most appropriate for them, for we all unique.

What is the difference between joining a live course and listening to a recorded course?

You receive the same transmissions whether listening live or to a recording, for Sananda is aware of you whenever you join in the inner journeys.

Where can I download the course?

You can download all the recordings and notes from the course page.


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