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Alcyone Starlight Essence

Key Qualities:  Clarifying Intention, Manifesting Potential, Trusting Yourself


Key Qualities:  Clarifying Intention, Manifesting Potential, Trusting Yourself

Opening to the magnificence of your own potential can be helped with this essence. As you use it you may find a deeper recognition of the purpose that brought you to Earth and a cognition of new ways in which you might fulfil that purpose. Alcyone Essence draws your attention to your innate worth, helping you develop the trust in yourself necessary for the realisation of the deepest vision you carry within your heart. It helps to dissolve limiting thoughtforms (you may like to use it for this purpose in conjunction with Capella Essence), and to create a ‘clean slate’ or fresh start in an area where you may have felt blocked or stuck. It may encourage a feeling of rebirth to yourself, a new way of knowing yourself.

Your Starlight Essence

10 ml blue glass bottle and dropper cap containing natural mineral water and organic brandy as a preservative, with a leaflet of usage advice.

Code: SE01

Weight0.045 kg
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 10 cm
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