Open the Door to a World of Light

A weekend of inner journeys in which Sananda will guide you to connect with beautiful beings of light who are drawing closer now to share their wisdom with us.

Saturday and Sunday 9 and 10 May 2020 from 10 am to 5 pm at Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire,  WD3 4HG



Open the Door to a World of Light


This weekend presents you with an opportunity to connect with a wise and loving community whom Sananda refers to as the ‘familiar city of light’. They are are familiar both because they are in a dimension close to our own and because they see themselves and ourselves as closely related.

They have long held a vision of their world and ours converging, so that we may share with them the vitality and joy that is their moment by moment experience.

The inner journeys that Sananda guides you on will help you to develop a connection that is both inward and outward. Inwardly you will be shown doorways within your heart centre through which you may enter a garden of peace and light, whilst outwardly you will be contributing to an enhanced flow of light and love through our physical location, both during the weekend and then afterwards wherever you choose to be.

Code: CLS20


Loudwater Farm lies in the beautiful valley of the River Chess, just 30 minutes from London. Around it are peaceful gardens with the river alongside. A few rooms are available for £30 per person per night for those would would like to stay on Friday and Saturday nights. These will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please email if you would wish to request accommodation.

Light refreshments will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch or, if you have your own transport, you will be able to eat out in Rickmansworth.

Getting there

Loudwater Farm is conveniently situated just half a mile from J18 of the M25, with plenty of room for parking.

Alternatively if you are coming by tube on the Metropolitan Line, the Farm is five minutes drive or about 25 minutes walk from Rickmansworth tube and rail station, with regular links into Central London.


Do I need previous experience?

You will probably find it helpful to have some experience of meditation. Trust your inner guidance, if you are feeling drawn to join this course.

What might I get out of this course?

The aim of the course is to help you open a greater conscious connection with beautiful friends of light whose purpose is to hold a steady and loving space of light in which you may more easily access and live your own wisdom.

Everyone is different, so your experience will be your own. Sananda and many loving beings of light will be transmitting frequencies of light tailored to your own needs and purposes.

Is my deposit refundable?

Your deposit will be refundable in full up to 31 March.

May I attend one day only?

You will gain the greatest benefit by attending both days. Only those who have attended the first day can join the group for the second day.

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