Meet Your Guide


Talks and inner journeys to help you connect or deepen your connection with guide. Sananda holds a supportive space as you meet an unconditionally loving friend from the realms of light.


A connection with your guide can be a wonderful experience. Your guide loves you unconditionally and loves to help you develop your spiritual skills and your life skills. Guides work unobtrusively and kindly. They trust you to discover your own wisdom in your own way at your own pace. This is their purpose: to help you recognise and use the wisdom that is inherent within you.

Whether you already sense your guide’s presence in your life or not, you may like to join this course and take the next step in your relationship with your guide. Christopher talks about guides and channelling, and he channels Sananda leading you through some simple inner journeys to meet and come to know more of your guide’s love, light and wisdom.

Your download

Three talks and three inner journeys as mp3 files + all these bundled as a zip file if you prefer to download them as one.


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