Love Your Breath

Explore the wonder of your breath.

Four inner journeys with introductory talks and study notes.


Love Your Breath

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The breath is considered central to many meditation traditions. It connects you to the world and your spirit to your body. In these inner journeys Sananda will be guiding you to touch some of the mysteries of the breath and to deepen your awareness of the many roles it plays in your life.

From Sananda’s introduction to the Well-Being series:

All this series of courses are designed to trigger awareness of your innate abilities and to help you nurture  them into a fuller flowering. Each addresses an area of life and offers new possibilities and an increased flexibility and responsiveness. All are designed to support you as you grow by drawing your attention to the wisdom that is yours.

Your download consists of 8 mp3 files (or 1 zip file which includes the 8 mp3 files) and a choice of notes in A4 or US Letter format as a pdf file.

Code: WB001

About this series

This series, each with four guided inner journeys, introduces skills to help you enjoy your life more fully and to support you on your path of spiritual growth. Whether you regard yourself as a beginner or as someone already well along your path, these inner journeys can take you into beautiful spaces, help you develop valuable skills and create profound shifts.

As you listen Sananda is transmitting frequencies specifically for you at your current stage of growth. Even where the skills these courses teach are already familiar to you, you may find fresh insights and a deeper sense of aliveness developing for you as study them.


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Do I need previous experience?

No. Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced meditator you are welcome to join this course.

What might I get out of this course?

The aim of the course is to help you appreciate the connection you make between the inner and outer worlds with each breath. During it Sananda will be transmitting frequencies of light tailored to your own needs and purposes. Everyone is different, so your experience will be unique to you.

What is the difference between joining a live course and listening to a recorded course?

In many ways they are the same: you receive the same transmissions whether listening live or to a recording, for Sananda is aware of you whenever you join in the inner journeys. You can listen to this course over three hours, which was how it was originally presented, or you can spread your listening out to suit yourself.

Where can I download the course?

You can download all the recordings and notes from the course page.

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