The Guides 1: Friendship with Your Guide

Life-enhancing skills for deepening your relationship with a special being of light.

24 inner journeys with 12 introductory talks and full study notes.


The Guides 1: Friendship with Your Guide

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This course offers a wonderful opportunity to deepen your relationship with a special being who has unconditional love for you and a great joy in helping you on your path of spiritual growth. Whether you are already experienced in connecting with your guide or this is a new area that you are drawn to explore, the skills you learn here can help you to access, appreciate and apply more of your own innate wisdom, insights and understanding. These skills can assist you in knowing more of the innate beauty of your being and the purpose that brought you to be present on Earth.  This can be the beginning of an adventure in consciousness, where your guide supports you as you reveal to yourself more and more of your Divine Essence.

A message from Sananda: You are moving into a time when your relationship with the guides who love to help you can grow much closer. New ways of communicating are opening up and new possibilities for collaboration are beginning to become present on the earth plane.

If you are drawn to this course, you may have been hearing and feeling your own guide’s enthusiasm to share more of the joy that these new opportunities offer. In this course you will be beginning to communicate in the rich language of light and learning how to translate it into the words, thoughts, feelings and actions of your daily life.

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Do I need previous experience?

No. Whether you are new to connecting with guides or an experienced channel you are welcome to this course.

What might I get out of this course?

The aim of the course is to help you experience a deeper conscious connection with your own guide, in whatever way is most helpful for you. Everyone is different, so your experience will be unique to you.

What is the difference between joining a live course and listening to a recorded course?

In many ways they are the same: you receive the same transmissions whether listening live or to a recording, for Sananda is aware of you whenever you join in the inner journeys.

What are guides?

Guides are non-physical beings of light. They are loving presences in your life whose purpose is, as their name suggests, to offer you guidance in any aspect of your life. Their guidance encourages you to recognise your own wisdom and your ability to make the choices that are most helpful to you. They use their light to help you see more clearly, not to dazzle you.

Often guides have experienced life on Earth in human form, for this helps them to understand our world. At this time there are a group of guides are coming forward to assist in enlarging human consciousness and these guides, with their wider purpose, may have trained in ways that have not required direct experience of life in human form.

Who is my guide?

You have a special connection with your guide. It may be that she or he has developed skills in the same areas that you are developing in this lifetime, and this shared interest has drawn you together. Sometimes it is the case that you and your guide have known each other and worked together in another lifetime or another level of consciousness. Perhaps once you helped your guide and now she or he has come to help you in return. There are qualities that you both share, patterns or frequencies of light, that resonate in both of you. As you get to know your guide you may come to understand, intuitively or through information your guide shares with you, more of what has brought you together.

How will I know my guide?

As you meet your guide in this course let your imagination help you. If you are a visual person, notice what images present themselves to you, whether real (such as a face) or abstract (a colour or pattern). If you use your feeling senses more, notice any shifts in feeling (such as a greater sense of peace). Most people use a mixture of ways to sense what they experience on the inner planes.

Ultimately your way will be unique to you. Learn to trust that getting to know your guide can be easy, and fun too. You may find that there is a feeling of familiarity with your guide, for he or she will have been connecting with you in preparation for this meeting.

Can I have more than one guide?

You have very many beings who help you, and many of them can be described as guides. Guides work in teams as well as individually. Healers, for instance, often have a group of guides supporting them as a team. This course focuses on introducing you to one guide, but you may sense that this guide is part of a group with whom you also feel an important connection.

Is it safe to connect with my guide?

Yes. Your guide has your peace of mind at heart and will never do anything to harm you. Your guide may have a very direct, no-nonsense manner, or support you in addressing difficult issues in your life, but will always communicate with unconditional love. Your guide is very respectful of you and will not push in like an unwelcome visitor or interfere with your freedom.  If you feel you are receiving harsh or unkind guidance, this is not from your guide. Take some time to connect again in the ways that Sananda is teaching in this course.

How can I know if my guide is real?

Be patient with yourself. Sometimes the sense of connection can feel very strong and real, but it may also feel less certain or clear sometimes. Love the part of you that doubts or wants solid, undeniable evidence; it is trying to help you. Let this part know that your guide will probably not produce this kind of evidence for you; it takes a great deal of energy to manifest physical evidence and guides often consider this is not the most effective way of helping you. Instead use the principle behind the old saying, ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’. Notice the feelings you experience when connecting with your guide and the quality of any guidance you sense receiving. Does this connection give you a sense of well-being? Does it improve your life?

How can I prepare for this course?

Quiet time helps. Giving yourself time out from what may a busy schedule, without any particular purpose or intention, opens a space for you to relax into yourself, to know yourself a little more, and to sense your openness to new and joyful experiences.

Notice any tendency to self-judgement and practise replacing harsh or unkind thoughts with accepting and loving ones. Whoever your guide is, you can be sure this being accepts her or himself fully. The more you are able to grant this generosity to yourself the easier it becomes to build a bridge a communication between you.

In meditation or quiet time you may like to invite your guide to draw closer, to let him or her know that you are choosing to participate in this course as one way of building this relationship. Let yourself feel comfortable talking to your guide about anything and everything, even if, as yet, you do not sense a response from your guide. Although your guide already knows you well, your communication is important. It tells your guide what you are interested in communicating, what matters to you and what you choose to express into the world.

The purpose of this course is to help you open a beautiful and profound channel of communication in which light and love may flow freely. Allow yourself to know that you deserve this.


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