Friendship with Your Guide

Deepen your relationship with a special being of light.

12 one-hour live sessions each Tuesday from 7-8 pm (UK time) from 2 June plus additional inner journeys and notes.

£24.00 / month for 3 months

Friendship with Your Guide

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  • Participate in 12 live video broadcasts each with an inner journey with Sananda and introduction from Christopher and/or listen to the recordings later.
  • Access 12 additional inner journeys, study notes and feedback sheets to help consolidate your gains.
  • All the recordings and notes can be downloaded.

Whether you already experience a connection with your guide or you would like to explore a new connection, this course offers a wonderful opportunity to deepen your relationship with a special being who has unconditional love for you and great joy in offering your support and encouragement whenever you choose.

A message from Sananda: You are moving into a time when your relationship with the guides who love to help you can grow much closer. New ways of communicating are opening up and new possibilities for collaboration are beginning to become present on the earth plane.

If you are drawn to this course, you may have been hearing and feeling your own guide’s enthusiasm to share more of the joy that these new opportunities offer. In this course you will be beginning to communicate in the rich language of light and learning how to translate it into the words, thoughts, feelings and actions of your daily life.

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Online courses

  • All our live online courses are hosted on the Heaven on Earth website. Join live courses here
  • When you book you will receive an email confirmation with further instructions for joining the course including your link and unique pass numberyou will need for joining the course.
  • You can join on any device that has an internet connection: a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone or tablet.
  • We suggest joining a few minutes early to familiarise yourself with the controls.
  • All inner journeys and talks are recorded and the edited audio recordings will be posted on the website within two or three weeks of the course and available for you whenever you want.


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Do I need previous experience?

No. Whether you are new to connecting with guides or an experienced channel you are welcome to join this course.

What might I get out of this course?

The aim of the course is to help you experience a deeper conscious connection with your own guide, in whatever way is most helpful for you. Everyone is different, so your experience will be unique to you.

What is the difference between joining a live course and listening to a recorded course?

In many ways they are the same: you receive the same transmissions whether listening live or to a recording, for Sananda is aware of you whenever you join in the inner journeys. But the live courses give you an opportunity to connect with others on a similar path, to ask questions and share feedback.

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