Engaging with the World

Learn skills of light from Shamballa in guided inner journeys with Sananda. 1 hour live broadcast each week for 48 weeks, recorded with additional notes for all participants.


An invitation has come from the planetary hierarchy in Shamballa to develop skills that will enable us to move to a higher state of consciousness, a new dimension which they are revealing to us.

They offer to each of you the help of your own personal sponsor of light and a body of skills designed to bring the process of ascension into the scope of your conscious awareness, so that you may, together with many others around the world, know yourself as a co-creator of a new way of being on Earth. Continue…

Starts online Wednesday 4 January 2017 at 8 pm UK time. 48 weekly one-hour audio broadcasts. Each session consists of an introduction and an inner journey channelled from Sananda. Each session will be recorded and available to all participants to listen to and download.

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