Arcturus Starlight Essence

Key Qualities: Nurturing, Oneness, Bliss


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Key Qualities: Nurturing, Oneness, Bliss

It is a star of great beauty. Within the Galaxy it has a special role to play, for its light has developed qualities that align with and support the processes of dynamic change our Galaxy is going through.
One of the key ways in which Arcturian light promotes healing is through appreciation; as the light shines so the beauty of what it reveals is made clearer. The gift of appreciation makes a space that may be grown into. The Arcturians teach the skills of Oneness; they help us to find points of congruence within ourselves by shining the light of appreciation into our human consciousness.
The points of congruence that are revealed are aspects of our own being that exist beyond the limitations of time and space and matter, and the bliss that they generate takes us into Universal Day, the state of consciousness shared by our sister/brother beings in the dimensions above our own. In this way the Arcturians are helping us to ascend, using many very subtle techniques of light to liberate us and to reflect back to us our own beauty of being.

The Arcturus Essence is one of the most versatile. The light that is transmitted from the star with the co-operation of the beings of Arcturus is seeded with points of light, quite crystalline in character and akin to the points of congruence mentioned above, such that whatever you most need assistance with is addressed by the essence. It’s as if it finds its own way to the place where it’s most needed. This means that Arcturus can be an excellent essence to use in combination with others – it opens the door through which the other essence or essences can get to work. It that way it could be thought of as a catalyst, improving the efficacy of another essence without interfering with it.
Used by itself this essence can help to bring clarity and resolution to issues that seem complex or polarised. It also helps you to see what changes in your patterns of behaviour and experience are needful or useful to you. You may like to use the essence before sleep with the inward request that the Arcturians help you to see more clearly whatever is next for you on your path of spiritual growth. Arcturus clarifies too by expanding awareness. The light it shines shows you more of your own beauty.

10 ml blue glass bottle and dropper cap containing natural mineral water and organic brandy as a preservative.

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Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 10 cm
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