Angels for Your Heart


Sananda helps you to increase the flow of angelic love through your heart centre and receive more of their gifts.

Increase the flow of angelic love through your heart centre as you receive more of their giftsThree talks and three inner journeys as mp3 files.

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An introduction from Sananda

Consider yourself a gift to the Earth. The nature of that gift is to be a conduit, an open door, though which love may flow to the earth plane, bringing healing and transformation.

How might that door open more? That which passes through you must first be accepted by you.

In this brief course we will transmit to you qualities of light that assist you in a deeper understanding of the nature of your being. That understanding does not readily translate into words, but it does exist as a relationship with the All That Is. It lets you stand in the presence of all that exists with an ease that welcomes the flow of love from the angelic realms into all that constitutes your reality.

This course may help you:

Increase self-acceptance and love, become more aware of the angels in your life.


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