Anchoring Starlight: Aldebaran

Let the light of Aldebaran help you be at peace in your world.

An inner journey with an introductory talk. Includes study notes.


Anchoring Starlight: Aldebaran


Aldebaran helps: healing past wrong through the expansion of consciousness; opening the heart to infinite compassion; establishing understanding as the ground of your being.

In this inner journey the focus is on how Aldebaran can help you to develop a fuller compassion for yourself and your world. The soul of the star helps you to experience yourself as an energy field free of fixed form but open to a multitude of ways of relating part to part and moment to moment.

This course may help you to release regrets, increase self-love and alignment with higher purpose and Divine Will.

Code: AS002

About this series

Every star brings gifts from the Source of All. At this time of quickening the stars play a precious role in awakening us to a fuller realisation of the love and light that is our essence. The Anchoring Starlight series of inner journeys and talks are designed to help you connect with the souls of the stars as you receive their gifts of light.

Accessing your course

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Do I need to be an experienced meditator?
No. Trust that if you are drawn to this course, you can benefit from it. All you need is a willingness to set aside a little time for you.

Do I need to know about the stars?
No. Each inner journey is introduced with background information on the stars in  relationship to astronomy, mythology and spiritual qualities. The notes contain further information,  including how to find each star in the night sky.

How long are the inner journeys?
Most of the inner journeys in Heaven on Earth courses are between 20 and 30 minutes long.

What is the background music to these journeys?
The music we use is by Thaddeus, an angelic being channelled by Sanaya Roman. You can listen to or buy their music from

Are there any follow-on courses to this one?
Use the categories or the tags to bring together courses on similar themes or topics. All are designed to help you on your path of spiritual growth.

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