Alderamin Starlight Essence

Key Qualities: Integrity, Renewal, Revealing the Divine


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Key Qualities: Integrity, Renewal, Revealing the Divine

You may like to use this essence as a cleanser. You might think of it as bright light shining into dark places, in the sense that it brings renewal to what is congested or confused or lost. In some ways it comes to us like a reassuring adult bringing a light to comfort a frightened child. So you might use this essence to help the child within to grow and to bring nurturing to parts that feel lost or overlooked.

If you are working with a dilemma in your life, a situation that feels difficult to resolve or that has arisen unexpectedly, this essence may help you to find the insights and understanding that exist within you. It helps reorganise energy to a greater coherence or integrity. If you have been feeling overburdened, it may help you distinguish true responsibilities from those that are imposed or accepted out of old habit.

Alderamin can have a powerful effect on all the chakras, but you may choose to focus especially on the heart when taking this essence as a way of strengthening your connection with your Divine Self.


Your Starlight Essence

10 ml blue glass bottle and dropper cap containing natural mineral water and organic brandy as a preservative.

Code: SE03

Weight0.045 kg
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 10 cm
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