The Great Ones are a group of beings who oversee the development of human consciousness in the wider context of the evolution of consciousness across the Galaxy. Their purpose is to help humanity align with Divine Will so that your light may flower into full expression through the medium of physicality.

The next stage of their work has already begun. The emergence of Earth (and indeed the whole solar system) into a new volume of space clear of residues of the past has begun and this signals the emergence of a new kind of consciousness for humanity.

This new consciousness comes in stages and easily; it comes with grace. It begins with the clearing of the human energy field of the residues of the past; for you have mirrored and replicated at the individual level those traumas whose echoes rippled through the volume of space your solar system is leaving.

As those patterns of energy transmute within you, it becomes easier to relax and open your energy field to connect with one another in new ways. One of these ways we call ‘shared mind’, itself a stage in the evolution of a state of consciousness called ‘angel mind’, for you all have the potential to think as angels think.

These new ways of connecting, like shared mind, are important; for such is the nature of the gifts that await you that the individual energy field is insufficient to hold and utilise them. It is only when you share consciousness that you create a space large enough. The Great Ones observe with joy the many ways in which you are finding one another and recognising your oneness.

Allow the process of personal transmutation to continue. So much that you have assumed to be you is not. You are simply a beautiful presence here on Earth. Your inner light and the light that comes to you from the Source of All in so many ways, together dissolve the old forms that have disguised you from yourself.

When you are confronted within yourself by the familiar or the unfamiliar, grow used to opening inwardly to connect with all who are sharing something of your particular experience and welcome the peacefulness of the Great Ones to yourself and to all.

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